What is Education Sponsorship Trust?

Education Sponsorship Trust (EST) promotes excellence in education and any area of human endeavour. Its educational activities focus on the all-round development of the individual. This educational philosophy identifies the development of character as the foundation for the acquisition of other life skills.

EST was founded in 1989 by New Zealanders from different career and religious backgrounds. Their aim was to establish an association that would sponsor and promote educational projects to meet the needs of New Zealand society, with a special focus on youth. EST is a registered charity.

The founding directors of EST were inspired to challenge people – students, parents, workers, those in business or the professions - ordinary citizens, to pursue excellence in meeting their daily responsibilities.

Today there are activities sponsored by EST in Auckland, Hamilton, western Waikato and Wellington, which are open to all people, regardless of background.

Alongside its educational aims, EST’s projects have a Christian ethos.